Website Design & Development

Website design & development


Thoughtful. Creative. Intuitive.

Are you looking for a website that appeals to your target audience? We have the perfect website solution for you. Our highly experienced web designers can create custom web designs to fit your needs.

Custom website design and development
Together we will review all posibilities for your desired web design.  Do you have an idea of what your ideal website should look like? What are you looking to achieve with your website? How do you want your customers to feel when they interact with your website or brand? We can help you get started!

Unique website designs by experienced creative professionals to enhance your online appeal.

• Build a brand new website using WordPress Themes
• Creative ideas to revamp your existing website
• Intelligent, responsive and userfriendly web designs
• Reflect your industry visually while maintaining intuitive usability
• Each element of the design will undergo an approval process each step of the way
• Professional quality service for every budget

For great web designs, contact us for a free quote.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization


Gain ultimate visibility. Gain popularity.

What is the point of having a website that no one can find?

With over 2 billion websites to be found on the Internet; being found would be your first priority and continuously generating traffic to your website would be your second priority!

The Internet provides you and your business with the opportunity to attract and retain customers. But, does your customers know how to find you online? How do you reach your potential customers?

• Balance paid and organic search engine traffic
• Link building and Link earning
• Maximize exposure

Website Submissions
One of the most common practices for website optimization is submitting your website link to automated directory services – it makes sense and it is very easy to do. But be aware of the fact that many search engines exists and each search engine has its own policy for website submission and indexing.

How can users find my website once it is submitted and indexed by search engines? Using the right keywords is important when it comes to effectively optimizing your website for search engines. Figuring out the appropriate keywords for your website to be found under, is the following step.

Being found in search engines is essential nowadays. Although the content of the website is important, there are some technical aspects that are also very important. One of these aspects is assigning 'metatags'.  Metatags are special codes that make it easier for search engines to assess your website's pages and gives the browser and search engine additional information about your website. If metatags are not used correctly, you are subject to be penalized.

Links and more (Internal links, Back links, Link exchange)
Almost every website has links from other websites or external pages. Search engines assign value ​​to links between websites. When related websites link to your website, your website receives a higher rating in search engines. If several websites links to your website, it means that the content your providing on your website is important, or seems to be, atleast.

No matter the size of your business, every business can benefit from website optimization.

Do you want your website, product or service to be found at the top of search engine resutls? Contact us for a free quote.

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication

Time. Commitment. ROI.

We offer a complete turn-key website design and development package to include everything your business would need in order to be competitive in todays' market.

• Providing you with clear calls-to-actions and opportunities to generate leads
• Find out how to create brand awareness and foster a relationship between your brand and the target
• Competent in all elements of the marketing mix. Each element of the marketing mix is a key to success
• Discover how social media marketing drives business growth and how your customers become your marketers
• Social Media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs; market globally while spending a fraction on costs!

Social Media Marketing
Your business can benefit from social media marketing once your customers are using the Internet. The use of social media can help you build relationships with your customers and inform potential customers of your business, product or service and what it is all about. As overwhelming and frustrating as social media marketing can be; we are able to help you with that by setting up and managing your social media channels and marketing programme on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – which are the most trafficked social media websites; and much more.

Tell us what your goals are and we will help you to successfully reach your target audience by providing you with marketing solutions that will suit your budget. Contact us for a free quote.